8X Consulting, LLC
Profitability, Growth, and Restoration Systems for Business

Profitability Solutions

Your company has two main responsibilities - to generate profit and to generate cash.  If you believe that your company underperforms in pursuit of this mission, we can unlock the latent potential of your company's resources to get rapid, repeatable, and profitable operations.  

 The first hill to climb is to understand precisely the activities you perform that generate the revenue for the company.  In this process, you will find that you have one (or more) 'hidden factories' that are competing for resources and may actually be inhibiting your ability to generate revenue.

 From the production line to the C-suite, we have developed innovative and effective solutions that relive the stress brought by under-performance in critical areas.  And we have built a large deposit of experience from which to draw.  Call us for a free consultation and we will give you our suggestions about how you can address your challenges.  

Negotiation and Conflict Solutions

    Supply chain logistics, employment agreements, confidentiality, M&A, asset purchases, meetings, staff relations.  All are areas that are built upon contracts - either explicit or implied - which means that they all most likely will fail and produce conflict.  How you manage conflict helps to form the company culture which is so critically important to the success of the company.

    Trust is the foundation on which all successful relationships are built.  And failures to establish and maintain trust are the #1 cause for the decline of company culture.

    From contract negotiations to staff turmoil, we have developed many successful solutions to very sticky problems that could have crippled our companies.  If you are facing a problem in this area, please give us a call for a free strategy consultation about how to make you a hero by conquering your challenge.

Peer Advisory Groups

Leadership can be a lonely place.  And it gets lonelier the further up the corporate ladder you go.  We are members of Pinnacle Peer Advisory Groups which allow for the interaction of manager/leaders from different backgrounds to help bring to the table challenges they face in their personal leadership and in their corporate management.  

    In essence, you receive large amounts of expertise at a fraction of the cost of outside consultants while developing personal bonds that help to keep you from settling into professional isolation.  Settings are either remote (via phone), or locally with a monthly meeting, sometimes augmented with personal follow-up coaching, as well as offering the chance to network with your peers in other areas.  Offsite retreats happen once per year and guest speakers frequently present to the group on topics of interest to all.  This is an exciting opportunity - if you are up for the challenge.